A Day in the Life of Me

28 June 1978
Open up the dictionary to the word normal. There you will find my picture. I grew up in Moorhead, Minnesota, a little town right on the border with Fargo, North Dakota. I love my parents, who are still married after 27 years. I enjoyed high school, and was involved in many things (soccer, softball, knowledge bowl, science challenge, odyssey of the mind, math league, pep band, marching band, junior engineering technological society, etc.)

I moved to Omaha, Nebraska to get my B.A. in English from a wonderful Jesuit school there called Creighton University. I then moved to Georgia to get my Masters in English. I now work as a police officer in Dekalb County, Georgia. I live with the love of my life, (Waywalker, on livejournal). We were married on April 16th, 2005 in Moorhead, Minnesota...the happiest day of my life. On July 11, 2006 we had a baby girl (probably a tie for the happiest day of my life). I enjoy many activities, especially camping and roleplaying. I also love reading, soccer, and animals.

I have a younger brother and a younger sister who still live up in Minnesota along with my dog, who I miss very much.